Welcome to Gluten Free New Westminster!

I don’t know about you, but I hate going to a restaurant that’s been advertised as having gluten free options, only to find that the only thing I can eat is a salad without dressing, or (prepare yourself) fish tacos without the fish and tortillas. (Yes, this is actually something that happened.) Gluten free dining should be something to look forward to, not an exercise in frustration and hunger. Knowing your options ahead of time can help you avoid the disappointment of quasi-tacos, and enjoy the foodie scene.

My mission is to find the best gluten free food in New Westminster, and to let you know about it! This blog is the place for the freshest, most delicious gluten free eats New West has to offer. You’ll find reviews, suggestions, and specific details on each eatery’s options.

Happy nomming!


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